The Ultimate Estate Sale Shopping Guide


Get this deal before it's gone!


It’s time to start Shopping Smart at Estate Sales!  With the Shop Smart Girl Estate Sale Shopping Guide you finally get answers to your burning Estate Sale Shopping questions like

  • “What can I buy?”
  • “How do I know what to get?”
  • “What should I bring?”
  • “What can I expect?”
  • And most of all, “How can I Shop Smart when I go?”

All that and more will be answered in this guide! No other guide will provide you with as much detail and SASS! With over 20+ years of actively shopping smart at estate sales, thrift stores, sample sales, warehouse sales, yard sales, garage sales—any where I can shop! AND having fun, you’re in good hands. That’s what makes this The Ultimate Estate Sale Shopping Guide! Go ahead and get the guide today and start Shopping Smart at Estate Sales!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Buying two items together?

If you’re buying two items together to receive a discount, check to make sure the item is not in your cart. If it is, delete the item from your cart first. Then, buy together.

Using Apple/Google Pay to buy two items together?

First, click Add to cart. Then, use Apple/Google Pay to purchase.

How do you open the pdf?

Use the email address you used for the purchase OR your Apple/Google Pay email.