The ABC’s of Shopping Smart


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You need the Shop Smart Girl ABCs of Shopping Smart today! You can’t say a sentence without words, go to work without getting paid, and go go shopping without the ABC’s of Shopping Smart! These are the basics that you need to know to get what you want SMARTER. The truly hardcore shoppers know these time tested tips and now you will too

These simple, tried and true principles will help you to build your wardrobe on any budget so that you can look fabulous! The right wardrobe helps you to present your best self to the world. Buy the ABC’s of Shopping Smart to start showing your fabulous self!

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying two items together?

If you’re buying two items together to receive a discount, check to make sure the item is not in your cart. If it is, delete the item from your cart first. Then, buy together.

Using Apple Pay/Google Pay to buy two items together?

First, click ‘Add to cart’. Then, use Apple Pay/Google Pay to purchase.

How do you open the pdf?

Use the email address you used for the purchase OR your Apple/Google Pay email.